The market leader in high performance blender technology, Vitamix makes it easy to get all the nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables into convenient and delicious smoothies and more.

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    More About Vitamix

    Vita means life and Vitamix may be your key to a healthier, longer life!

    As early as the 1920's, Vitamix founder, William Grover Barnard (a.k.a., "Papa") was dedicated to helping families eat healthier with whole foods. After he helped a friend through an illness, he came to understand the connection between whole-food nutrition and health and well-being.

    In 1937, he was introduced to the blender and saw the value in this time-saving way to make healthy, nutritious, and tasty foods to feed a family. It was the original fast food! He actually created the country's first infomercial to promote the health benefits of this amazing blender!

    Four generations later, the Vitamix legacy continues and Vitamix is still the market leader in high performance blender technology. Today, through engineering and advanced technology, you'll see even greater improvements to the performance, durability, and versatility of the Vitamix products.

    Why, they're so durable, you'll be putting yours in your will to pass on to your children!

    Vitamix lives true to its mission to "create relationships for life by developing and producing the world's best performing and most reliable blending equipment."

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