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Ultrasonic Nebulizer Classic White Aromatherapy Diffuser
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Nebulizer Intended for Optimal Diffusion of Essential Oils

Ultrasonic Nebulizer Professional White Aromatherapy Diffuser from Wyndham Essentials is intended to be an ideal diffuser of essential oils.

Instead of heating essential oils, which may decrease their therapeutic benefits, this nebulizer uses cold mist dispersion to help preserve the benefits of essential oils.

This diffuser can help diffuse essential oils that may have mood enhancing benefits, as well as essential oils that may have antibacterial and antiviral benefits that may help keep you from getting sick.

This nebulizer has

  • 5 pre-programmed time and output settings
  • An auto shut off when the water level drops too low
  • A quiet and safe method of operation
  • No tubes
  • No glass

This nebulizer is designed to be easy to clean and is 5GCY= by 6" round.

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