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Travel Ease Scent Inhaler
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Aromatherapy Traveler Ease Scent Inhaler from Earth Solutions is an aromatherapy pocket diffuser that contains essential oils chosen specifically for their benefits in reducing stress and irritability while driving, flying or sleeping away from home.

Traveling exposes individuals to unpleasant encounters, confined spaces, unfamiliar quarters and poor sleep. Travel Ease Affirmation Oil helps get one through their journey with ease and comfort.

  • Lavender: Balance and harmony
  • Orange: Stimulates joy and confidence
  • Ylang Ylang: Helps release fear
  • Patchouli: Supports grounding of mind, body, spirit
  • Black Pepper: Supports stamina and resolving anger
  • Peppermint: Supports reducing motion sickness, increasing wakefulness

Aromatherapy Scent Inhalers are small aroma therapy diffusers that fit into the pocket or purse for quick access to scents and affirmations.

By focusing on a positive thought or affirmation, as you inhale the scent, you will achieve even greater results from your Scent Inhaler by creating a memory association between the affirmation and the aroma. This provides a classic aromatherapy effect.

Premium Essential Oils plus Jojoba
Plant derived -100% Natural.

Recommended Use:
Open inhaler, close your eyes and mouth, inhale and repeat your affirmation. Close cap between each use to maintain freshness.

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