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Terra Medica

Terra Medica works to support overall health with their collection of naturopathic products. Their innovative formulas, inspired by European holistic medicine, seek to target a number of health issues.

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    Support Your Health with Terra-Medica

    Terra-Medica was established in 2003 by Vancouver pharmacist Harlan Lahti and focuses on science and innovation to bring you high-quality supplements that support your health. From omega-3 support, to probiotics, to melatonin, Terra-Medica has the perfect product to promote optimal health.

    To develop their supplements, Terra-Medica works with integrated and holistic medicine specialists in Switzerland and Germany to create their naturopathic formulas. This not only helps develop collaborations across the continent, but also allows Terra-Medica to offer cutting edge supplements to support a variety of health issues.

    Terra-Medica sees health as a system that is individualized, integrated, and preventative, which means they seek to manufacture supplements that support an individual’s unique health needs. The ingredients in Terra-Medica’s supplements have been clinically tested and are manufactured according to high standards and contain a variety of natural ingredients. For example, one of their most popular products, Toco-X-Krill, offers specially formulated, ethically sourced krill and calamari oil, which are sources of omega-3 fatty acids and support cardiovascular and neural health.

    We’re proud to carry Terra-Medica products here at Natural Healthy Concepts. Shop our selection and invest in your health today!

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