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Syntrion develops high-tech products that are truly natural. In their words, "nature and innovation are not a contradiction, but rather the key to progress." All of their offerings are either homeopathic formulas or natural skincare lotions. Find the natural support you need by trying Syntrion products.

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    More about Syntrion

    Syntrion was founded in 2001 by Ronald and Laila Ullmann, originally as a regulatory affairs firm. It was in 2006 that the Germany-based company started developing natural homeopathic formulas. Using nature as their pantry, the couple found active ingredients and studied their modes of action. The result of their efforts can be found in their SyLine.

    These formula support the communication mechanisms and signatures of immune cells, which helps the immune system adopt more efficient recovery processes or even develop new defense mechanisms.

    The SyLine includes:

    • SyAllgen
    • SyCircue
    • SyDetox
    • SyFungin
    • SyGest
    • SyImmune
    • SyInfect
    • SyReflux
    • SyResp

    In addition to these homeopathic formulas, Syntrion develops certified and vegan natural skincare products that are suitable for individuals with very sensitive skin. They contain antioxidants to counter oxidative stress and other ingredients that support moisturized, even-toned and healthy-looking skin.

    All of these formulas are:

    • 100% natural
    • Non-GMO
    • 100% vegan
    • Free of parabens
    • Non-BPA
    • Free of metals
    • Non-greasy
    • Quickly absorbed

    Syntrion is also involved in biomarker research.

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