Sanesco products such as Adaptacin, Contegra, Lentra, MethylMax, Pienus, Procite-D, Prolent, SomniTR and Tranquilent cannot be displayed on the Internet. Their products are administered only by licensed health practitioners. In order for new clients to make a purchase from us, Sanesco requires an initial nutrition consultation with one of our practitioners. Our clients may call us at 800-673-1245 to order them.

Sanesco's mission is "To enhance the clinical knowledge of healthcare providers worldwide relating to the application and implementation of neuroendocrine testing, HPA-T clinical analysis and non-drug protocols in clinical practice." Each of their formulas is backed by evidence-based research and is designed to deliver the ingredients that the body needs to maintain an optimal level of overall health.

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    More about Sanesco

    Sanesco focuses its work on optimizing HPA-T function, due to its critical nature in the neuroendocrine system and the body's "communication" system altogether. Interference due to chemical imbalances in important neurotransmitters of this axis can lead to issues with mood, memory, focus, weight, metabolism, blood sugar, pain, sleep, energy, sex and more.

    By specializing in the efficient function of the HPA-T axis, Sanesco wants the patient to see a positive effect on the entire neuroendocrine system and communication system. And, to maintain that balance, especially during the stress response.

    Targeted Nutritional Therapy

    • Inhibitory Support Formulas: Support GABA and serotonin function and transmission with essential cofactors and precursors (Lentra, Prolent, Tranquilent)
    • Excitatory Support Formulas: Support dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine production with essential cofactors and precursors (Contegra, Procite-D)
    • Additional Support Formulas: Support adrenal function, methylation, satiety and sleep with targeted ingredients (Adaptacin, MethylMax, Plenus, SomniTR)

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