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San Pharma

SanPharma requires that you have a consultation with our practitioner before you are able to purchase their products. Once you have consulted with us, you will be able to sign in to your account to view and shop for SanPharma products.

SanPharma has manufactured all-natural isopathic immune-modulators for more than 30 years. The formulations include metabolic components derived from specific bacteria and fungus cultures. The company strives to promote holistic approaches to health.

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    More about SanPharma

    Founded in 1978 by Gerhard Schroder, SanPharma is the manufacturer of natural biological medical formulas. The company follows the exact guidelines and principles of Professor Gunther Enderlein, a notable German biologist. These formulations contain metabolic components that were extracted from specific bacterial and fungal cultures, which were processed in line with its proprietary method in high-tech laboratories. SanPharma follows GMP regulations in manufacturing its products.

    The company has a holistic philosophy that was nurtured by Schroder. He was dedicated to educating holistic healthcare professionals as far back as 1973. SanPharma continues to train professionals in naturopathic therapy. Their seminars highlight the cutting-edge diagnostic tools and natural therapies they have.

    SanPharma's product line has constantly expanded since 1983, and now includes:

    • Homeopathic remedies
    • Nutritional supplements
    • Medical cosmetics
    • Veterinarian homeopathics

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