Healthy Recipes

Good health starts with good eating.

At Natural Healthy Concepts®, we truly believe the first step toward better living is better nutrition.

To help you out, we've compiled a collection of nutritious and delicious recipes you can try! From deserts and side dishes to the main course - you'll find everything you need to make healthy meals for you and your family.

Whole foods are used almost exclusively in these online food recipes for optimum health and nutrition. Gluten Free recipes are designated with a GF after the recipe; Dairy Free recipes are designated with a DF. This page will be updated frequently so visit often.

Each recipe is an Adobe Acrobat - PDF file on a 6 x 4 recipe card, making it easier to print and file in your recipe box. While not specified in each food recipe, it is recommended to use organic whenever possible, especially meats and dairy (to minimize hormone and antibiotic exposure). If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher, you can download it free from Adobe here.

New Recipe - Cranberry Muesli (soaked overnight). Cranberries are in season and a great time to explore new recipes for this healthy fruit. This muesli is soaked overnight for flavor enhancement and increased digestibility. In addition to the antioxidant value cranberries provide, this recipe provides 8 grams of fiber per serving along with 441mg of potassium!

Have you had a "bad" eating day? How many servings of vegetables (excluding corn which is really a grain) did you eat today? You were busy, didn't have time to cook, ate on the run, etc? These are the days when nutrition supplements are more important than ever. Take a good Multivitamin at a minimum.