8 Foods to Help Fight Allergies

Allergy Relief from What You Eat

Dealing with allergy symptoms - especially hay fever - can be excruciating. Some of us simply learn to live with the sniffing, sneezing, itching and wheezing. Maybe you even start to forget what it's like to feel normal.

While taking an antihistamine might suppress your symptoms, eating the right kinds of natural food could help your body react in a more positive way. After all - allergic reactions are typically your body's immune response to what it thinks is a foreign and potentially harmful intruder.

Foods like apples and onions have quercetin, which can improve lung function. Citrus fruits and some green vegetables contain hesperetin, which combats hay fever and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Use this infographic as a reminder of what kinds of fruits and vegetables support allergy relief.

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