Natural Health & Nutrition Pyramid

A Natural Healthy Food Pyramid

Most of us have seen the well-known USDA food pyramid. But have you ever questioned if that's truly the best perception on which to base your diet?

Many natural health experts say it's not.

The USDA pyramid focuses on grains like bread, pasta and cereals. Yes, it recommends a healthy portion of fruits and vegetables as well - but we have a different point of view.

Below you'll see a graphic illustrating Natural Healthy Concepts' idea of a food pyramid. You'll find lots of water at the base, followed by leafy greens and veggies. Then there's fruit followed by balanced proteins. We've placed the starchy grains much closer to the top of the pyramid.

A balanced diet is important. But you may need to rethink about exactly how you're balancing what you eat. Is it based on supporting the agriculture industry? Or is it based on real nutritional needs?

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