Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency

The Straight Scoop on Essential Fatty Acids

Believe it or not - nearly everyone in America has an essential fatty acid deficiency.

That's mostly because we aren't getting enough of the very important Omega-3s. We typically get these fatty acids from certain fish. But for most of us - there's not enough of it in our diet - which is why supplementation can be helpful.

One of the biggest problems is an unbalanced ratio of Omega-3s compared to Omega-6 fatty acids. Long story short - we get way too much Omega-6.

This easy-to-understand infographic illustrates the facts so that you can plainly see the problem and what food sources can help remedy a possible deficiency.

Lack of Omega-3s can lead to a stunning number of health issues. But putting it back in your diet could be as easy as finding the right Fish Oil or Omega-3 supplement.

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