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Pukka creates environmentally friendly and health-supportive teas using organic and wildcrafted herbs. From teas that support detoxification, to a warming chai tea, Pukka tea is the perfect way to start your day!

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    Pukka Herbs
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    Delicious Organic Tea

    Pukka Herbs was founded on the belief that using herbs from nature can make a positive change in your health. They seek to introduce their customers to the wonders of nature and the world around them through their carefully blended teas. The name Pukka is an Indian word which means authentic or genuine. The name represents their commitment to the “three Ps” the company believes in: people, plants, and planet. They believe by using the right plants, tea drinkers can support the planet.

    Master Herbsmith Sebastian Pole first became interested in plants at a young age, but when he got more into herbal teas, he realized that a tea might look good, but the taste wasn’t right. He determined that this was because it wasn’t made with the right ingredients. As a result, Pukka uses the best ingredients to create their products, and also makes concentrated, whole-spectrum extracts that can be incorporated into daily life.

    Whenever possible, Pukka uses local, wildcrafted herbs like licorice, elderberry, and more in their tea blends. All their ingredients are fair trade and use organic harvesting practices, which Pukka hopes will reduce social inequality.

    We love the potential benefits of Pukka teas! Shop our selection here and receive fast shipping with every order.

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