A professional brand of supplements, Prothera is an innovative, solution-oriented nutraceutical company that specializes in products for exclusive distribution by healthcare professionals. Prothera restricts the sale of the supplements on the Internet. You must log in to your account to view and purchase Prothera products.

ProThera is dedicated to rapid response, flexibility and personalized attention to the individual needs of each and every healthcare provider. The company has an integrated formulation approach to developing and manufacturing nutraceuticals that maximizes the synergy between nutrients and allows for compatible supplement programs, which avoids redundancy.

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    More about ProThera

    Since 2001, ProThera has been at work researching, formulating and manufacturing innovative, solution-oriented, nutraceutical products. Today, the company has a wide variety of single- and multiple-ingredient formulations. These supplements are only available to healthcare professionals and their patients.

    Following an integrated formulation approach, ProThera can offer compatible supplement programs that avoid redundancy, involve fewer pills and have a lower cost. From their multivitamins and minerals to combination nutrient products that combine with them, every professional nutraceutical provides enhanced bioavailability and high-quality ingredients.

    ProThera has a GMP 9000 registered facility that earned dual certification for GMP and ISO. It has been independently certified by NSF International and is an Emerson Quality Program Gold Partner.

    Some of our top-rated ProThera products include:

    • Vitamin D3 5,000 IU
    • Turmeric 250
    • InflaThera
    • HepatoThera Forte
    • Glucosamine/Chondroitin
    • Eicosamax Liquid

    Natural Healthy Concepts is proud to offer ProThera products to our discerning healthcare providers. Just click on the products above for more information. And, remember, we provide free domestic shipping!

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