Professional Complementary Health Formulas

Professional Complementary Health Formulas

Professional Complementary Health Formulas requires that we only sell to our clients who have completed a nutritional consultation. Once you have consulted with us, you will be able to sign in to your account to view and shop for Professional Complementary Health Formulas' products.

Professional Complementary Health Formulas (Professional Formulas) provides high-quality formulations that are based on natural medicine exclusively for holistic healthcare professionals. The company offers a wide variety of targeted macronutrients and homeopathic remedies, facilitating the customization of individualized treatment plans.

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    Professional Complementary Health Formulas
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    More about Professional Complementary Health Formulas

    Since 1985, Professional Formulas has been providing not only high-quality, clinically proven natural medicines, but also exceptional service and technical support to healthcare practitioners. Based in Oregon, the company has a focus on advancing natural medicine.

    In order to be a uniquely valuable resource for holistic healthcare providers, Professional Formulas follows these main principles:

    • Practitioner Focus
    • Individualized Products
    • Quality
    • Exceptional Personal Service

    Professional Formulas has an extensive line of homeopathic formulas for everything from bone and detoxification support to urinary and digestive health. Some of these include Cellular Oxygenator, Visual Detox, Progesterone, Enviro Detox, Immune System Stimulator and more. The brand also offers vitamins, minerals, herbs and other nutrients.

    Natural Healthy Concepts offers well over 200 Professional Formulas products for practitioners to utilize in customizing treatment plans for their clients. Click on the products above for more information.

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