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Pollen Hayfever
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All-Natural Relief from Symptoms of Seasonal Airborne Irritants

Regardless of the season, there are a number of airborne irritants that may leave you feeling congested and tired, and with other symptoms as well. Finding relief from these symptoms may be difficult, but BioAllers offers a product that may be able to help.

Pollen Hayfever is a homeopathic liquid supplement that is made with a blend of all-natural ingredients that may help you find temporary relief from symptoms of seasonal airborne irritants.

Product Features:

  • Contains 20 different active homeopathic ingredients
  • May help temporarily relieve itchy, watery eyes, congestion, headache, sinus pressure, sneezing, and other symptoms related to seasonal airborne irritants
  • 100% Homeopathic

BioAllers's Pollen Hayfever is a suitable product for adults, as well as for children who are as young as two years. Recommended use for adults and children 12 and up is 15 drops under the tongue three times daily. For children between two and 12, three to five drops under the tongue three times daily is recommended.

Find the relief you need with Pollen Hayfever. Order yours today!

Drug Facts
Active Ingredients:
Adrenalinum 6X
Allium cepa 6X
Arsenicum Iodatum 6X
Euphrasia officinalis 6X
Sabadilla 6X
Silicea 6X
Histaminum Hydrochloricum12X
Ambrosia artemisiaefolia 12X
Artemisia vulgaris 12X
Bellis perennis 12X
Brassica napus 12X
Chenopodium anthelminticum 12X
Lonicera periclymenum 12X
Medicago sativa 12X
Phleum pratense 12X
Rumex crispus 12X
Solidago virgaurea 12X
Taraxacum officinale 12X
Trifolium repens 12X
Xanthium strumarium 12X
Other Ingredients: purified water, 20% USP alcohol.

Recommended Use:
Adults and children 12 years and over: Take 15 drops under the tongue every 3-4 hours.
Children 2-12 years: Take 3-5 drops under the tongue 3 times daily.
Sensitive persons and asthma sufferers take 1-3 drops and wait 3 hours then continue with regular dosage provided, if allergy or asthma symptoms develop discontinue use.

Stop and ask a doctor if symptoms do not improve in 5 days or new symptoms appear, you are an asthma sufferer with severe pollen allergies. If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your healthcare professional before using this product. Keep out of the reach of children.

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