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Test Your pH Levels Accurately with pH-Strips

Maintaining a healthy pH balance throughout your body is important to your overall health. When you maintain a slightly alkaline level of 7.35 to 7.45, you may help your body avoid the negative effects of high acidity levels, including constipation, poor metabolism, fatigue, indigestion, and hormonal imbalances.

Testing your pH levels on a regular basis is a great idea. It's also simple and only takes a few minutes for each test.

pH-Strips from Enzymedica are the ideal method for testing your pH levels. These quality strips come in a fifteen-foot roll and are dispensed one at a time.

Product Details:

  • You'll get immediate results with every strip and test
  • pH-Strips comes with an accurate color chart to help you understand your body's pH balance
  • Every roll contains approximately 120 tests that are easy to read and color-coded
  • The numbers range from 4.5 (highly acidic) to 7.5 (ideal alkalinity)

Make the choice to maintain optimal health. Testing your body's pH balance has never been easier or quicker to do! Start using Enzymedica's pH-Strips today for a simple and accurate way to keep yourself pH balanced for optimal health and wellness.

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