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ph Paper Roll Hydrion, 1 Pack(s), Micro Essential Laboratory
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Fluids in the body like blood, urine and lymph have a certain range of acid-alkaline balance for optimal well-being. If pH levels do not fall within the normal range, the body makes adjustments to correct this. Some people test their own urine or saliva pH levels early in the morning so they can adjust their diets to bring about balance. For this reason, Premier Research Labs offers pH Paper.

Product Information

  • Test your first morning urine
  • Normal values range from pH 4.6 to pH 8.0, with 7 being neutral
  • pH 4 is strongly acidic
  • pH 9 is strongly alkaline

The state of the body's pH can be measured through urine, as it is a good representation. When pH is less than 7, the body is considered acidic. Levels above 7 are alkaline. If you test your own pH levels, check into Premier Research Labs' pH Paper. Order online today!

Recommended Use:
Tear off 1 to 2 inches of tape and either dip or drop urine onto the paper and compare the colors on the dispenser chart to determine corresponding pH.

Approximately 300 uses in one roll.

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