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PetzLife Oral Care Spray Peppermint
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Kill Bacteria and Improve Your Pet's Breath

Bacteria can be the main cause of bad breath in your dog or cat. Unfortunately, bacteria can lead to further health problems in your pet. Simply using oral hygiene with brushing and other dental products can repair or prevent these issues.

PetzLife offer Oral Care Spray Refills. It is a revolutionary and award-winning product that removes plaque and tartar from your pets teeth. This formula kills bacteria on contact and helps improve their oral hygiene.

Product Details:

  • Made with 100% natural ingredients
  • Flavored with organic peppermint oil
  • Removes plaque and tartar from your pets teeth
  • Helps to control bacteria and freshen breath
  • Sold as a 12 ounce refill bottle

Improve your dog or cat's breath with natural, organic ingredients. Try PetzLife Oral Spray Refills for their hygiene needs.

Distilled Water, Grain Alcohol, Peppermint Oil, Grape Fruit Seed Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Thyme Oil, Neem Oil.

Removing buildup: Apply twice daily until plaque and tartar has dissolved. (noticeable results in 30 days).
As a preventative: Apply 2-3 times per week (can be used daily). Results may vary.
Pet under 12 lbs:
2 to 3 sprays.
Pet 12 to 35 lbs.:
3 to 4 sprays.
Pet 35 to 60 lbs.:
4 to 5 sprays.
Large Breeds:
5 to 6 sprays.
Application: Use recommended dosage and apply the spray into the pet's mouth directly on the gumline if possible to speed up results. For best results, withhold food and water for at least a half hour after application.

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