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Natural Healthy Concepts offers natural omega supplements specially formulated for active or aging pets to support daily performance, overall health, strong muscles, healthy joints and more.

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    Canine Hemp Oil Complex, 60 Softgels
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    More About Pet Omega

    Omega-3 essential fatty acids are vital to everyday health, strong muscles and healthy joints. They are not produced by the body, but they can be consumed from certain fish and be taking a dietary supplement. Your pet’s health may benefit from introducing an omega supplement to their diet.

    Omega-3s may benefit your pets by providing them with essential EPA and DHA, which may support their gastrointestinal and pancreatic systems by filling nutritional gaps in their diet. Omega-3 fatty acids may also support a healthy-looking skin and coat, promote a healthy immune response, support heart health and support joint health and mobility.

    According to studies by the University of Montreal of cats and dogs with mobility and joint issues, both species may potentially benefit from a diet high in omega-3 essential fatty acids sourced from fish, especially from krill. Depending on your pet’s size and age, we offer a product that will suit their unique nutritional needs.

    Pet Omega Product Details

    • Pure fish oil supplements
    • Supports healthy-looking skin and coat
    • Supports joint health and mobility
    • Supports cellular health
    • Supports immune system
    • Supports nervous system health
    • Supports heart health
    • Supports healthy brains and eyes
    • Supports a physically active lifestyle
    • Supports aging pets
    • Delicious meat flavored softgels, chewables and liquid drops
    • Contains pure, natural ingredients

    If you need support for your pet’s optimal health and wellness, try Natural Healthy Concepts’ pet omega supplements. It may make a difference to your pet’s health.

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