Peelu Created from the fibers of the peelu tree, natural oral hygiene care products from Peelu work to support dental health. Discover the potential benefits of their fluoride-free toothpastes and sugar-free gum! Read More
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    Spearmint Chewing Gum w/ Xylitol, 100 Piece(s)

    Discover All-Natural Oral Care with Peelu

    Peelu has been creating natural oral care products for over 25 years to support healthy teeth and gums. The main ingredient in Peelu’s products is fiber from the peelu tree. Also known as Salvadora persica, arak, miswak, and siwak, the fibers and twigs from this Middle Eastern tree have been used for oral care for centuries. It is even suggested that peelu may have been the oldest toothbrush. Peelu harnesses the power of peelu for their products, and has designed these products to be non-abrasive and to support natural dental health.

    Using Peelu products for oral health means using products that are free of artificial chemicals and toxins. These products offer a healthy way to support fresh breath and promote healthy gums and teeth. Among Peelu’s popular products are fluoride-free toothpastes and their natural peelu chewing gum, which is made without sugar or aspartame. Instead, the chewing gum is sweetened with natural xylitlol.

    We are excited to help support your dental health with our selection of Peelu products! Order yours here and receive fast shipping!

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