Ortho Molecular

Ortho Molecular

Ortho Molecular, like some other professional brands, prohibits the sale of their supplements without a consultation by a qualified healthcare practitioner. Please call our office, 800-673-1245, for a complimentary consultation with Angela Halderson, RD, CHC, and Functional Integrative Nutrition Practitioner to order Ortho Molecular products.

Get the full benefit of Ortho Molecular products when you are guided by Angela, trained in the use and benefits of these supplements!

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    More About Ortho Molecular Products

    Ortho Molecular is a company dedicated to formulating products that get results. They call it 'efficacy' - but to you it means supplements that really work.

    The supplement industry can be an excellent asset to the health care community - and more importantly - to the millions of patients. Ortho Molecular has a strong history of working alongside healthcare practitioners so they can give their patients the best care and the healthiest options.

    Ortho Molecular supplements are formulated from stringent scientific research. Yet this Natural Healthy Concepts partner also remains completely committed to using only the best raw ingredients. That means you can trust the quality of these products, because they are both natural and backed by science.

    Whether you are looking for natural allergy relief, probiotics for kids or a potent fish oil supplement that's also burp-free - you'll find all that and more among the Ortho Molecular products available through Natural Healthy Concepts.

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