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Organic Berry Power
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20+ Synergistic Superfruits: Organic Berry Power:

Organic Berry Power by Pure Synergy is packed with a synergistic blend of 20+ super-fruits and berries - all organic and carefully chosen for their well-researched nutritional benefits. Hand-picked at the peak of flavor and color, these delicious foods were cold-processed to preserve their nutritional potency.

About Berry Power:

With sour cherries, apples and cranberries from North America, goji berries and mangosteen from Asia, elderberry and lingonberry from the far North and Scandinavia, acai berry from South America and baobob fruit from Africa, the foods in this blend represent a globe-spanning assembly of super-nutrients.

  • Contains 20+ organic fruits and berries, plus beets - all well-researched and chosen for their synergistic super-nutrients
  • Antioxidant packed - contains Vitamin C, anthocyanins, quercetin, pholyphenols, ellagic acid, xanthones and other phytonutrients to help protect the body from damaging free-radicals
  • May promote vibrant skin & healthy energy while supporting cardiovascular, eye, digestive and immune health and much more
  • Digestive support - contains papain enzyme (from papaya) and betaine (from beet root) which may assist digestion
  • Highly concentrated, no fillers
  • Certified Organic, Kosher & non-GMO
  • Low temperature, oxygen free processing to preserve nutrients
  • Bursting with color and flavor, can be mixed with water, juice or milk of your choice or added to smoothies, yogurt, applesauce, oatmeal, chia-blends and any other food that tastes good with berries
  • Free of - gluten, dairy, soy, colorings flavorings, sweeteners, additives

Suggested use for Berry Power:

Use this flavorful, super-fruit and berry powder to enhance your health throughout the day as part of a breakfast smoothie, mixed into yogurt at lunchtime, as a post-exercise refresher in pure water, or as desired to add color, flavor and super-nutrients to your meals.

Supplement Facts
Servings (5g) per container: 45
1 heaping (5g) teaspoon contains:
Calories 20
Total Fat 0g
Carbohydrates 4g
---Sugars 2g
Vitamin C 60mg (100%DV)
Calcium 24mg (2%DV)
Synergized Berry & Fruit Blend (5g):
---Organic Black Currant Berry*
---Organic Bilberry*
---Organic Red Raspberry*
---Organic Apple Fruit*
---Organic Beet Juice*
---Organic Baobab Fruit*
---Organic Acerola Cherry*
---Organic Aronia Berry*
---Organic Concord Grape*
---Organic Pomegranate Fruit*
---Organic Lingonberry*
---Organic Wild Blueberry*
---Organic Sour Cherry*
---Organic Acai Berry*
---Organic Goji Berry*
---Organic Maqui Berry*
---Organic Elderberry*
---Organic Cranberry*
---Organic Mangosteen Fruit*
---Organic Green Papaya Fruit*
---Organic black Raspberry*
*Certified Organic

Recommended Use:
Adults: Mix 1 heaping teaspoon (about 5 grams) with 4 to 6 ounces filtered water or juice, or add to your favorite smoothie, yogurt, oatmeal or any other food that needs a little health and color boost. More may be used depending on your personal preferences.

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