From mood support to immune support and more, NutraMedix delivers nutritional dietary supplements and liquid extracts of bioavailable herbal ingredients to support overall health from the inside out.

Nutramedix does not allow us to advertise their products on the internet. You may call our office, 800-673-1245, for a complimentary consultation to order Nutramedix products.

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    Bioavailable Herbal Supplements and Extracts

    Founded in 1993, NutraMedix is known for the Cowden protocol, a unique proprietary extraction process designed by Lee Cowden, M.D. The result is a highly bioavailable, whole-plant, broad-spectrum extract.

    Many NutraMedix supplements seek to support immune system function. In addition, herbal tinctures and capsules promote the detoxification of the body, seeking to provide crucial support for healthy tissues, cells and organs.

    Of the company’s best-selling herbal supplements, Samento Immune Enhancer includes a rare type of Cat's Claw bark, or Uncaria tomentosa), which promotes immune health and is one of the brand's signature products. Other products at the top of the list include Banderol Microbial Defense, Burbur Detox and Parsley Detox.

    Here are some of the reasons you should buy products from NutraMedix:

    • Formulas based on natural plant botanicals
    • Bioavailable, whole-plant, broad-spectrum extracts
    • Company focuses on ethical principles and giving back to the global community

    The company’s unique business model focuses on Biblical principles, with its owners, manufacturers and employees serving with honesty, integrity, value and respect for all people.

    NutraMedix donates a significant amount of its proceeds through international Christian ministry outreach program founded in 1995 called the Kairos Foundation, which benefits the lives of underprivileged people all over the world.

    Prior to starting the company, its founder was a missionary pilot aiding tribal groups in Peru. The Kairos Foundation funds projects that provide support for physical and spiritual needs of people in locations including Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, North America and South America. The foundation provides ongoing financial support for organizations supporting orphans, widows, pastors and missionaries.

    If you’re looking for clinically researched, raw and natural herbal ingredients in dietary supplements that seek to support overall health, try NutraMedix today! Experience the results for yourself. Order today!

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