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Our night sweats products are designed to support your health at night, and contain ingredients like black cohosh and phytoestrogen. Shop our selection below! Read More
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    More About Night Sweats

    Night Sweats are repeated instances of extreme perspiration that may be related to another health issue or condition. While many people experience some sort of perspiration while sleeping, this can be due to sleeping under too many bedclothes, turning up the heat too high, or other minor causes. Night sweats, on the other hand, are characterized by sweating that is far more intense than normal. For example, people who experience night sweats often sweat through their clothes and blankets or wake up at night with hot flashes.

    It is often thought that nigh sweats occur as a result of menopause, as fluctuating hormones may contribute to night sweating. There are also a number of other reasons that may contribute to night sweating, and many people choose to take a supplement to support a healthy balance in their bodies. Black cohosh and phytoestrogen are supplements that many women choose to support a healthy hormone balance. Both of these substances contain estrogen-mimicking substances that may offer support for women’s health. Other supplements include chaste berry, wild yam, red clover, dong quai, and schisandra

    Potential Benefits of Night Sweat Support Products

  • Supports a healthy hormone balance
  • Seeks to support women’s overall health
  • Seeks to offer temporary relief from night sweats
  • May offer temporary relief from occasional pain
  • And more…
  • At Natural Healthy Concepts, we select products that use the highest quality ingredients to support your health. In addition to black cohosh and phytoestrogen, we also carry homeopathic support products and liquid supplements to support your health. No matter what your health needs are, we have the perfect product for you. Shop our amazing selection today and get free shipping on your domestic order!

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