Moritex is a Japanese company that produces science-based skin care and personal care products, including skin sensors, scopes, custom-tailored devices and integrated solutions.

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    Moist Sense II Hydrometer, 1 Piece(s)
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    Skin Care Technology from Moritex

    Moritex is a Japanese company that offers cosmetic technologies balancing science with natural health concepts.

    It produces sensors for use in cosmetic skin counseling that help determine potential skin conditions by evaluating skin moisture, sebum and elasticity. This enables customers to select the appropriate skin care products. The sensors are battery-operated, handheld and easily portable.

    One of the popular Moritex products offered by Natural Healthy Concepts, Moist Sense, is a moisture sensor in a slim, pen-shaped housing that checks the level of moisture in the corneal layer of the skin and displays the reading on an LCD screen, so users can select moisturizing products accordingly.

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