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Curcumin Healthy Inflammation Response
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Kyolic Curcumin to Promote Better Health

Curcumin Healthy Inflammation Response by Kyolic is an herbal supplement that is intended to help reduce excessive pain and swelling.

Curcumin, which comes from a spice named turmeric, may have beneficial properties. These properties may be helpful in supporting relief from symptoms of joint and muscle pain.

Also because of its potential internal activity, curcumin may be helpful in promoting the health of the cardiovascular system. Atherosclerosis is a condition that hardens the arteries as we age. This is a something that curcumin may be helpful in relieving.

The curcumin in this supplement is blended with phosphatidylcholine, which is intended to help the body better absorb the curcumin. However, phosphatidylcholine may have some health benefits of its own, including supporting neurological function.

This product also contains aged garlic extract. Garlic may have cardiovascular benefits. Some of these benefits may include the promotion of healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Garlic may also support the health of the immune system, including helping to reduce the effects of the common cold.

Recommended Use for Kyolic Curcumin

Adults may take 2 capsules per day with a meal.

Supplement Facts
2 capsules contain:
Meriva Turmeric Complex 1,000mg
---(proprietary blend of curcumin and phosphatidylcholine)
Aged Garlic Extract** Powder (bulb) 300mg
**Special Garlic Preparation
Other Ingredients: gelatin, cellulose, silica and magnesium stearate (vegetable source). Phosphatidylcholine is derived from soybeans.
Contains NO: sodium, yeast, dairy, sugar, gluten, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors.

Recommended Use:
Adults: Take 2 capsules with a meal daily.

If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your healthcare professional before using this product. Keep out of the reach of children.

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