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Kidney and Bladder Rejuvenator
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Soothe and Protect Your Kidneys and Bladder

The health of your kidneys and bladder are an integral part of your overall health. While your body works to naturally cleanse these organs, Kidney and Bladder Rejuvenator from Blessed Herbs can provide further support for optimal health with a proprietary blend of herbs.

Product Details:

  • Kidney and Bladder Rejuvenator stimulates, soothes, and tones your kidneys and bladder throughout daily cleansing
  • It helps keep your body protected from toxins

Some of the herbal ingredients include:

  • Marshmallow Root helps soothe and protect your urinary tract membranes
  • Hydrangea provides support for optimal kidney health
  • Linden Leaf helps relax your nerves
  • Red Clover promotes optimal kidney detoxification

Kidney and Bladder Rejuvenator from Blessed Herbs is the truly all-natural tonic that offers support for the natural cleansing processes of your kidneys and bladder. Try it today and stay on the natural pathway toward optimal overall health and wellness!

Supplement Facts:
Servings (90 drops) per container: 19
90 drops (approx. 3ml) contains:
Proprietary Blend (approx. 3ml) contains:
Birch Bark
Corn silk style & stigma*
Goldenrod top aerial parts
Dandelion leaf*
Cordycps mycelia CS-4 extract 2:1
Linden leaf and flower*
Hydrangea root
Stoneroot root
Wild Yam root
Pipsissewa aerial parts
Yarrow aerial parts*
Red Clover blossoms*
Cleavers aerial parts
Parsley root
Fragrant Waterlily root
Marshmallow root*
Southern Prickly Ash bark
Licorice root*
*Certified Organically Grown.
Other Ingredients: distilled water, organic grain alcohol* (30% by volume) and vegetable glycerin. Extract weight-to-volume ratio: (g/ml): 1:4

Recommended Use:
Adults: Take 90 drops (approx. 3ml) two to three times per day. Shake well before using.

Do NOT use if you are pregnant or nursing or under 2 years of age. Keep out of the reach of children. Those who are allergic to goldenrod or linden flowers should not take this formula. Goldenrod may affect chronic kidney disease. Parsley root may irritate inflammatory kidney disease. Red clover blossoms may increase the effect of anticoagulant drugs or estrogen replacement therapy. Consult your healthcare practitioner before using.

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