InBalance is the ideal source for healthy energy bars. Their InBars are designed to support healthy metabolism and insulin production through the use of high-quality, healthy ingredients.

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    More About InBalance Health Corp and InBars

    Not all nutrition bars and energy bars are created equal. InBars from InBalance are doctor-formulated to provide exceptional nourishment.

    InBars are designed to help balance insulin production and support healthy metabolism. Plus, they are gluten-free, 100% vegan-friendly and avoid the use of most major allergens. InBalance uses organic ingredients like organic sunflower seed butter, organic brown rice protein and organic chocolate to make its bars.

    The high protein and fiber content can help you with food cravings and hunger by providing your body with what it really needs. Each InBar is around 170 calories - making it more appropriate for a healthy snack than a meal replacement.

    InBalance believes the most important step towards healthy living is better nutrition - especially when you look at all the fast food, junk food and nutrient-deprived foods we consume daily. Order yourself a box of InBars today and get fast shipping!

    Here at Natural Healthy Concepts, we proudly offer some of the most popular flavors. If there is an InBalance product you'd like that is not available here, please contact us.

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