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Immugen Animal Health
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Immune Support for Happy, Healthy Pets

When we feel a cold coming on, are stressed, or just want to stay healthy, we're quick to reach for something to give our immune system a boost. But what about our pets? Shouldn't we make sure their immune systems are healthy, too? With Immugen by Thorne Research, you can.

Featuring a powerful blend of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and botanicals, Immugen is a natural supplement for immune support for dogs and cats.

An immune-supporting supplement may be particularly important for very young dogs and cats, as well as senior animals. It may offer particularly beneficial immune support to help your pet's body properly respond to vaccines.

A traditional, well-trusted immune supporter, Echinacea may help activate natural killer cells as well as pathogen-engulfing cells do their job effectively. The Chinese botanical astragalus root may help to naturally boost white blood cell counts, while Reishi mushroom stimulates important lymphocytes.

Immugen even includes bovine thymus gland to support your pet's own thymus gland, which is critical to several aspects of immunity.

Vitamins and minerals are also included for important nutrient support and antioxidant activity. Zinc plays several roles in immunity, including assisting the function of macrophages and promoting acquired immunity that protects your pet's health from future infections. Vitamins A and C provide an antioxidant boost, supporting the function and activity of white blood cells.

Support your pet's health with a wealth of natural immune-boosting ingredients. Order Immugen today!

Active Ingredients Per Capsule:
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 175mg
Dimethylglycine (Hydrochloride) 70mg
L-Glutamine 70mg
N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine 70mg
Echinacea angustifolia (root) 50mg
Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) 50mg
d-Alpha Tocopheryl (Vitamin E) (35 IU) 30mg
Astragalus (root) (Astragalus membranaceus) 25mg
Thymus (Bovine) 25mg
Coenzyme Q10 20mg
Pyridoxal 5-Phosphate (Vitamin B6) 7mg
Vitamin A Palmitate (1,400 IU) 5.6mg
Zinc (Picolinate) 3.5mg
Mixed Carotenes (Vitamin A) (1,400 IU) 840mcg
Copper (Picolinate) 350mcg
Folic Acid 200mcg
Manganese (Picolinate) 175mcg
Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) 100mcg
Selenium (Picolinate) 7mcg
Other Ingredients: Hypromellose (derived from cellulose) capsule, Leucine, Natural Bacon Flavoring, Silicon Dioxide.

For use in dogs and cats only. Recommended for immune system functioning.

Suggested Use:
Cats: 1/2 capsule daily
Dogs: 1 capsule per 25 lbs. body weight daily

Cautions and Warnings:
Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. If animals condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian. Federal law prohibits the off-label use of this product in ruminants. Potential interactions with CYP1A2 and CYP3A drugs. Potential drug interactions. Not recommended for long term use. For animal use only. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.

The Cautions and Warnings for individual Thorne Vet products are required to be included on the label by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) and were written by the NASCs Scientific Advisory Risk Assessment Committee.

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