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Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp Small
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Himalayan Salt Lamps: Enhance Ambience and Air Quality Naturally

You might have seen Himalayan salt in your local grocery store, or perhaps featured in your favorite gourmet cooking magazine. These lamps are carved from large slabs of that same beautiful, mineral-rich pink salt and may help enhance your home's ambience and air quality by emitting negative ions.

Negative ions are found in abundance in the air by the seashore or waterfalls, in forests and after thunderstorms. They may help improve oxygenation in the brain and provide an overall mood boost.

Used in the home, this small Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp from Aloha Bay may help reduce electromagnetic pollution, improve air quality and help rejuvenate your body while giving off a pleasant, rosy glow.

About this Himalayan Salt Lamp:


  • Beautiful, soothing, soft pink glow
  • May help improve indoor air quality by emitting negative ions
  • May reduce airborne allergens
  • May help reduce humidity
  • May help reduce the effects of electromagnetic pollution from TVs, computers, phones, wireless internet, etc.
  • May help refresh body and mood


  • Made from hand-carved Himalayan crystal salt from the Salt Range in Pakistan
  • Himalayan crystal salt is composed of balanced crystalline structures, which may make the light given off by these lamps more calming
  • Small lamp: 8 inches (plus/minus 1/2 inch), 5 to 7 lbs. Best for small rooms.
  • Hardwood base, complete with 110V light fixture, bulb and UL-listed switch
  • "Manufactured in a family owned factory in Mirpur (Pakistan), which cares for its craftsman, offering long term employment, humane working conditions and good wages and benefits."

How to Use this Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp:

The pleasant glow of a Himalayan crystal salt lamp is not only pretty, it may have numerous health benefits. This small lamp is a charming choice for adding ambience to and refreshing smaller rooms. Order today to light up your home and your health!

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