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Herbal Defense Spray
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Protects and Keeps Your Pet's Coat Healthy

Whether you're a dog person or a cat person, there's never a question about how much you love your pets. You want what's best for them, including a healthy coat. PetzLife Herbal Defense Spray is an all-natural spray that keeps your pets free from parasites and insects that may put their lives in danger.

Product Details:

  • Herbal Defense Spray works to keep your pet's coat healthy and parasite free for up to 1 month after every application
  • It's formulated with all-natural ingredients and absolutely no pesticides
  • Herbal Defense Spray is non-toxic, antiseptic, and totally suitable for use on cats and dogs

Complete Coat Natural Care Coat Spray from PetzLife contains Amargo ingredients that act as a natural form of insecticide. Simply spray onto your pet's coat, massage in with a brush, and rest assured that your pet will be protected against insects and parasites, including lice and larva.

Give your pets the love they deserve. Help keep their coats healthy. Try Complete Coat Natural Care Coat Spray from PetzLife today and keep them protected from insects and parasites.

Quassia Amara - Sispanga, Sacha Café, Sisopanga Rojo, Distilled Water, Grain Alcohol.

Directions for use:
Just add water - makes 8 oz.
1. Spray product to completely cover entire animal
2. Massage or comb product into hair or fur down to skin
3. Let coat dry
4. Apply every 2-5 weeks depending on activity
5. Keep out of eyes
6. Try to avoid letting animal lick hair before it is dry

For external use only. May cause vomiting or diarrhea if ingested, it acts as an anti-parasitic and is not harmful.

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