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Maximum Strength HCA Garcinia Cambogia
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Maximum Strength HCA Garcinia Cambogia from Essential Source is a liquid dietary supplement that provides support for controlling appetite and blocking fat.

  • Support for suppressing appetite
  • Promotes a feeling of fullness
  • Fat blocking support
  • HCA supports positive mood activating serotonin levels
  • Improved Sublingual Delivery Method with Essential Source HCA

Garcinia is a small fruit indigenous to South Asia. The active ingredient in Garcinia, Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA), is known for its ability to promote a "feeling of fullness" and, consequently, is popular for its weight-loss and fat reduction benefits.

HCA also supports suppressing appetite by increasing serotonin levels. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in your brain that makes you feel good. It is a target of many antidepressant medications. Having low levels of serotonin may make you feel depressed or anxious; it drives many people into emotional or reactive eating. By increasing serotonin levels, HCA improves mood and suppresses the drive to react to stressful situations with food. As you eat less, your body senses this and it releases stored fat in your fat cells.

The HCA extract from garcinia cambogia supplement aids in weight loss by doing two things: It helps to block fat, and it suppresses your appetite. At Essential Source, their high potency HCA is a 60% extract.

HCA blocks fat by inhibiting an enzyme that your body needs to make fat from carbohydrates: Citrate lyase. Usually carbohydrates or sugars that are not used immediately or stored in other forms are converted into fats. When HCA inhibits citrate lyase, the fat-making process is halted and the production of LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides decrease.

Supplement Facts
Servings (1ml) per container: 60
1ml contains:
Garcina Cambogia Fruit Powder Extract 350mg
---Standardized for 60% (HCA) Hydroxycitric Acid (175mg)
Chromium Picolinate 500mcg
Other Ingredients: water, 20% USP alcohol, natural flavor.

Recommended Use:
Adults: Shake well before use. Take one dropper 2 times daily before meals. Dropper should appear half full. Drop liquid under tongue and allow 30 to 60 seconds for absorption, then swallow.

Do NOT use when pregnant or nursing. Not for use by persons under 18 years of age. Do not use without consulting your healthcare professional, if you have any existing medical condition. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Keep out of the reach of children.

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