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Half Time Polish Drying Accelerator
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Half Time Polish Drying Accelerator dries rock-hard in minutes so you don't smudge, dent or streak your manicures or pedicures!

Half Time Polish Drying Accelerator by Qtica uses a patented combination of advanced silicates to evaporate solvents from all layers of nail polish, dramatically accelerating drying time and fusing all layers together for better durability and longer polish wear.

Manicures dry in five minutes, pedicures in 10 from base coat to top coat, preventing any bubbles or dents.

Half Time Polish Drying Accelerator is safe for both natural and artificial nails. It also extends wear and helps prevent polish from chipping.

Consumers say: "This product is so amazing. I am really impatient with my nails drying, so impatient that painting my nails was a pain. These drying drops dry my nails in about 5 minutes! I used base coat, 2 layers of Zoya Nail Polish, and the top coat. I know the bottle looks small too, but it goes a long way." "Nail-Crazy" Denver, Colorado

Dimethicone, cyclomethicone.

Recommended Use:
Following topcoat, tilt nails downward and apply one to two drops of 1/2 Time at base of nail, let spread naturally.

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