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Grandma Poison Ivy & Oak Bar Soap Bar
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A Little Help from Grandma

Maybe it's their good old-fashioned common sense or the wisdom of their years, but for some reason, grandmothers always seem to have a solution. That includes itchy situations...

Perhaps you were running around in the woods behind her cottage, and came back with a nasty itch. It could be poison ivy, bug bites or some other rash. Before you can scratch yourself raw, Grandma tells you to hop in the tub with a bar of this special soap.

Grandma's Poison Ivy & Oak Bar Soap is made with Jewelweed, a natural way to relieve the itch.

So the next time you or someone in your family forgets to heed the warning "leaves of three let them be," remember this soap from Remwood Products.

Product Details:

  • Contains Jewelweed - a natural antidote for poison plants
  • Stops the itch and clears the rash
  • Can be used for insect bites and to prevent rashes or blisters

You can use this soap immediately after you've been exposed to poison ivy, poison oak or other poisonous plants that cause irritation. Take a cool shower using the soap as soon as possible.

It can also be used to relieve an itchy rash. After washing with the soap, apply a thin layer on the rash and allow it to dry. For bug bites, lather the soap on the irritated area and let it dry.

This is a must-have for camping trips and summer vacations. But it's also a good idea to have around at home...just in case.

Order Grandma's Poison Ivy & Oak Bar Soap and be prepared to help - just like your grandmother.

Jewelweed (Impatiens Capensis) infusion

Recommended Use:

  • For Rash or Blisters: After washing the area with Poison Ivy & Oak bar soap, apply a thin layer of lather on rash and let dry; repeat as needed.
  • To Help Prevent Rash: As soon as possible after exposure, shower with cool water and Grandmas Poison Ivy & Oak bar soap.
  • Insect Bites: put a little lather on bite and let dry.

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