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GlutenEase Extra Strength
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Natural Aid for Gluten and Casein Intolerance

Enzymedica GlutenEase is a dietary supplement to support people with gluten or casein intolerance.

Gluten Intolerance

Gluten intolerance simply means your body has problems breaking down amino acid links known as peptides in the gluten molecules.

This can result in intestinal issues and such disorders as leaky gut or other syndromes.

Gluten intolerance symptoms include

  • Bloating
  • Gas pain
  • Foul-smelling stools
  • Occasional vomiting
  • Recurrent constipation and diarrhea
  • Unexplained weight loss

Not intended to help with celiac symptoms, GlutenEase contains a modified Protease Thera-blend with an enzyme activity called DPP-IV to help normalize response to the gluten peptide.

This may help your body digest and utilize foods containing gluten.

And in doing so, this formula provides support for the health of your gut, enabling proteins to be properly broken down and absorbed in their digested state.

And this may help increase the potential food groups you can eat.

GlutenEase may also help those who want to stay on the GFCF (gluten free/casein free) diet to properly breakdown proteins.

The GFCF diet emits offending foods from the diet. Although this may help in the short term, it does not offer a final solution. If these foods are reintroduced to the diet, symptoms will return.


GlutenEase may also help with a related problem: difficulty digesting the carbohydrates of offending foods.

Gluten has a protein and carbohydrate fraction. To help with this, this dietary supplement includes Amylase Thera-blend and glucoamylase.

Amylase Thera-blend may help those with an amylase deficiency or who have difficulty breaking down sugars and starches.

And glucoamylase may help complete the transformation of those sugar and starch molecules into glucose, the simplest sugar used by the body for energy.

Supplement Facts
1 capsule contains:
Protease Thera-blend (G2) 150,000 HUT
Amylase Thera-blend 15,000 DU
Glucoamylase 15 AGU
Other Ingredients: 100% vegetarian capsule (cellulose, water).
Contains NO: egg, dairy, preservatives, salt, sucrose, soy, wheat, yeast, nuts, corn, gluten, casein, potato, rice, artificial colors or flavors. Non-GMO, Vegan & Kosher.

Recommended Use:
Adults: 1 capsule with each meal containing gluten or casein. More may be taken as needed.

This product is not intended for individuals with Celiac Disease. If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your healthcare professional before using this product. Keep out of the reach of children.

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