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Garnet Exfoliant
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Organic Skin Exfoliant

Over time, dead and dry skin cells can build up and cause your skin to appear dull or damaged.

Miessence offers Garnet Exfoliant for normal skin. It is designed with fresh citrus blend of organic lemon, bergamot and orange.

Exfoliating can give your skin a fresh glow. A build up of dead skin cells causes a rough and dull appearance. Exfoliating the top layers of dehydrated cells promotes a youthful, glowing skin.

Product Specifications:

  • Contains 140 grams of scrub
  • Rebuilds damaged and dry skin
  • Made with aloe vera and essential oils
  • Use a few times per week

Exfoliate your skin naturally and refresh your appearance. Try Miessence organic Garnet Exfoliant.

*Organic aloe vera (aloe barbadensis) leaf juice
Alluvial almandite garnet
Sclerotium rolfsil gum
Bitter orange fruit extract
*Organic lemon (citris lemonum) essential oil
*Organic bergamot (citris bergamia) essential oil
*Organic sweet orange (citrus dulcis) essential oil
Linalool#, limonene#
(#Component of organic essential oils)
*Certified Organic Ingredient

Recommended Use:
Squeeze a small amount of exfoliant onto damp fingertips and GENTLY massage onto damp skin using a small circular motion, paying particular attention to T-zone if necessary. Use a few times a week for normal, combination, oily or clogged skin.

Do not exfoliate blemished skin, to avoid spreading infection.

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