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Natural Healthy Concepts carries a wide range of flower essences, which are aromatherapeutic products, including homeopathic supplements derived from pure flower extracts that support optimal mood and wellness.

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    T-39 Emotional Emergency Flower Essence, 1 Oz
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    Seven Flowers BP, 180 Tablets
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    Bach Flower Remedies
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    Holly Flower Essence, .7 Oz
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    Vine Flower Essence, .7 Oz
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    Honeysuckle Flower Essence, .7 Oz
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    Emotional Detox Liquid Strawberry Milkshake, 11.2 Oz
    Barleans Organic Oils
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    Star of Bethlehem Flower Essence, .7 Oz
    Bach Flower Remedies
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    More About Flower Essences

    Flower essences made from wild flowers in convenient liquid drops provide support for a healthy mood response, relieving temporary and minor instances of emotional discomfort.

    Sometimes daily stressors may affect a healthy mood. Some people turn to aromatherapy from highly concentrated essential oils, such as flower essences, for health and wellbeing. Our range of unique flower-based single extracts and extract blends are scientifically formulated to support stress management and promote a calm mood.

    Supplements such as Holly Flower Essence by Bach Original Flower Essences and Seven Flowers BP Extract from Nutritional Frontiers provide temporary relief from tense feelings through homeopathic formulas designed to be ingested or applied topically after being diluted with 2 drops of water at varying intervals during the day.

    Aromatherapy is believed to promote a healthy mind, body and spirit. It may also seek to support a regulated mood and may provide added nutrients to support the immune system. Through the senses of smell and taste, flower essences provide aromatherapeutic properties for the whole body.

    Our diverse line of products includes the following options for emotional support:

    • Holly
    • Honeysuckle
    • Flower Essence Blends
    • And more!

    Many of our supplements are suitable for the whole family, including pets. However, be sure to follow the instructions on each bottle, and consult with your doctor with any concerns or questions.

    Herbalists have relied on flower-based extracts known as flower essences to support aspects of overall health and wellness. Taking a dietary supplement of flower essences may make a difference to your health. Shop today!

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