Frequently Asked Questions
Why Buy NHC?

Natural Healthy Concepts® is about quality natural health nutrition by dedicated people who care about your optimal health, wellness and a lifestyle of vitality. We want you, our valued, health-minded customer to look and shop no further than Natural Healthy Concepts. To achieve this, we are absolutely committed to these promises:

  • A large selection of highest quality, pharmaceutical grade vitamin and supplement products.
  • A willingness to add new products amongst brands currently carried and when the products requested coincide with our goal of offering the healthiest products available.
  • FREE domestic shipping; the most economical shipping method will be determined by Natural Healthy Concepts on free shipments.
  • Speedy Shipping Policy usually within 24 hours, on in-stock products (with the exception of Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays).
  • A generous & easy Return Policy.
  • A Nutritionist is available during our business hours to answer your general questions, emails or posts. A qualified staff of other personnel available with combined experience of over 22 years in the natural health industry.
  • And most importantly, because we are a small, dedicated company with a BIG dream and commitment to your health.
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Why Sign Up for an Account?
Signing up for an account with Natural Healthy Concepts offers the following benefits:
  • Store your billing and shipping address securely for future orders.
  • Online order tracking.
  • View your order history.
  • Re-order easily.
  • Special savings for members for select brands when you login.
  • Create a wish list of items you may purchase later.
  • Help others, share your product reviews.
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Tutorials and Help Guide
Help with Cookies?

Our website requires the use of cookies. Cookies are a mechanism to remember session information about a visitor from one page to another so we don't confuse your shopping cart with anothers. Web browsers store cookies so that the browser itself can remember some information and then, on request, pass all that information up to theserver at one time.

We use cookies to store an ID number to help us remember your name and the contents of your shopping cart. This allowsyou to leave our site, come back later, and still have the contents of your shopping cart intact. It also lets us personalize your experience at, tailoring the content to your interests.

Turning off cookies or rejecting the cookie will prevent you from purchasing from the website.

*Information on enabling cookies for specific browsers coming soon.

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Policies and Procedures
How the Natural Healthy Rewards Program Works?

You deserve to be rewarded!

Not only have you been a loyal customer to Natural Healthy Concepts, you're also dedicated to living a healthier lifestyle and spreading the word to others.

That's why we proudly offer Natural Healthy Rewards - a special program in which you earn points to save money on future orders.

Here's How it Works in 3 Easy Steps:

  • 1. CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT (New accounts automatically get 250 points!)
  • 2. SHOP & EARN POINTS (Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend)
  • 3. CASH IN WHEN YOU ORDER (You can choose when to use your Natural Healthy Rewards points. There is no minimum order required.)
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Domestic Shipping Policy
At Natural Healthy Concepts, we believe your health is the best investment you'll ever make. And we believe you should be able to get the return on your investment as quickly and conveniently as possible. With the hard work and dedication of our in-house shipping team, and newly expanded shipping options, we make sure you get your order when and how you want it. Back To Top