Ellyndale, a part of the NOW Foods company, is a family-owned and operated brand of natural food products focused on pure, raw ingredients and innovative flavors. Products range from coconut oil to rice bran oil and more!

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    Coconut Infusions Butter Flavor, 12 Oz
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    All-Natural, Pure Cooking Oils and More

    If you are a health-minded cook, you may appreciate the all-natural, pure ingredients that make up the unique formulations by Ellyndale. A family-owned and operated brand, Ellyndale, which is a part of the NOW Foods company, is committed to delivering high-grade cooking oils and other natural food products that offer potential health benefits without compromising on flavor.

    One of the brand’s key products is Rice Bran Oil, a 100% pure rice bran oil made with non-GMO rice bran, which can be used on salads or as a cooking oil. Rice bran oil has a pleasant, nutty aroma and taste that complements the flavor of many foods, especially in Asian-inspired cuisine. It also has a high flash point and low smoke, making it ideal for frying and stir-frying. Another core product, Coconut Infusions, blends the texture and flavor of coconut and creamy butter for use in various cooking applications.

    For gluten-free, natural cooking oils and similar whole food products, choose Ellyndale for your unique culinary needs. Place your order online or by phone and receive fast shipping everday!

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