Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can be a symptom of an imbalance in tear production and drainage. Often, sufferers either have an inadequate amount of tears or poor quality tears. Natural Healthy Concepts offers these options to support healthy eye lubrication balance.

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    More about Dry Eyes

    There are many factors that can make one susceptible to dry eyes, including age, medication use, environmental conditions, gender and medical conditions. Unfortunately, eye lubrication issues come with the natural aging process, with the majority of those over 65 experiencing this issue. Additionally, hormonal changes that come with pregnancy and menopause as well as oral contraceptive use make women more vulnerable. Decongestants, antihistamines, blood pressure and other medicines can interfere with tear production.

    For occasional, mild cases of dry eyes, you may consider increasing the humidity in the air where you live and work, making a conscious effort to blink regularly when working on a computer or reading for long periods of time, drinking plenty of water, adding preservative-free tears to supplement natural tear production, and taking dietary supplements with essential fatty acids.

    Supplements Available for Dry Eyes

    • Sea buckthorn oil/omega fatty acid softgels
    • Homeopathic drops
    • Herbal extracts
    • Preservative-free lubrication drops

    Natural Healthy Concepts has a nice assortment of these supplement products, which seek to temporary relieve symptoms of occasional dry eyes. Click on the products above to learn more.

    If you have questions or need assistance, please call our customer service team at (866) 505-7501. And, remember, you get fast, reliable shipping with every purchase at Natural Healthy Concepts!

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