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The Secret of the Ancients for Rejuvenating Soil

Soil health is critical for healthy, nutritious food. But as soil is farmed, decade after decade, it is depleted of minerals, which results in lower-quality, less-nutritious food. While this is a concern for all growers, it is especially critical for organic farmers who need to promote and enhance biodiversity and soil biological activity. In order to increase the mineral levels of soil, growers can use a process of adding rock powders or dusts called remineralization. Premier Research Labs offers a remineralization product called Dragonite, a premier quality rock dust for robust soil fertility.

Product Information

  • Premier quality volcanic basalt minerals
  • Helps remineralize soil
  • Creates highly fertile soil for the growth of nutrient-dense plants
  • A superior and sustainable alternative to undesirable chemical fertilizers and pesticides

It is best to work Dragonite into the upper three to six inches of topsoil. Suggested application rates for garden beds, lawns, shrubs, trees and potting mixes are included. If you're looking for a natural remineralization product, check into Premier Research Labs' Dragonite. Order online today!

Contents: Crushed Volcanic Basalt Minerals

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