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Diva International
Diva Cup Model 1 Pre-Childbirth
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A Healthier Way to Handle Your Period

Maybe you're just sick and tired of dealing with tampons and pads.

Do you have enough or should you run to the store? What size, style and absorbency is right for you? Did you remember to put some in your purse, or do you have to pay for the cheap ones in the restroom?

Or maybe you feel guilty about how most feminine hygiene products pile up in landfills and hurt the environment. Not to mention - there's the potential for developing Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

The DivaCup could be just the alternative you're looking for.

It is a non-absorbent menstrual cup that collects flow during your period. You'll discover the DivaCup is the cleanest and most convenient type of feminine hygiene protection you've ever used.

Product Details:

  • Award-winning alternative to tampons and pads
  • DivaCup Model 1 is made for women under 30 who have never given birth vaginally or by c-section
  • Easy to clean
  • Fits comfortably without leaking
  • Reusable - making it economical and environmentally-friendly
  • Made of 100% high-quality silicone
  • In compliance with FDA and ISO standards
  • Includes cotton carry bag for easy storage and travel

What It's Made Of

The DivaCup is not made of latex, BPA plastic or any other kind of rubber - just the same silicone that has been used in healthcare for more than 50 years. It is different material than the silicone used in breast implants.

Women over 30, or those who have previously given birth, should consider DivaCup Model 2 (see related products below).

Why It Will Work for You

Changing what you use during your period is a big deal. But it's not hard to see why the DivaCup is a smart choice.

It will sit comfortably inside the lower portion of your vagina - not reaching the cervix. While it may take a little getting used to - when inserted properly - almost every woman who uses DivaCup says she can barely feel it.

The DivaCup is more discreet, because you won't be escaping to the bathroom as often to change your pad or tampon. This menstrual cup can be worn as long as 12 hours before you'll need to remove it. Most women find the cup is not even half-full after that amount of time.

Athletic women will love this product. You won't have to stop running, biking or swimming to change your protection. Don't worry about the embarrassment of excusing yourself from yoga and never decline an invitation to play sports during your period again.

Cleanup is easy too. There's no need to touch any flow. The DivaCup is easy to remove and virtually mess free.

The DivaCup is more than just another feminine hygiene product. It gives you the freedom to be yourself - all month long.

A User Guide is included with your DivaCup Model 1 so you'll know exactly how it works and what to do.

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