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Digestion Enhancement Enzymes
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Improve Your Digestive Health with Digestive Enhancement Enzymes

While enzymes are naturally found in your body, if there is a lack fo them, it can be difficult to properly digest foods and absorb the nutrients in them. Foods contain enzymes, but processes like cooking and canning can deplete those enzymes, making supplements necessary for enzyme replacement.

Digestive Enhancement Enzymes from HealthForce Nutritionals is a comprehensive and potent array of enzymes that promote optimal digestion, assimilation, and utilization of foods and nutrients.

Product Details:

  • It contains 100% plant-derived enzymes
  • It replaces essential enzymes that are destroyed by cooking, canning, and processing
  • It supports optimal digestion of cellulose, fats, carbohydrates, and proteins
  • It may also help increase your body's absorption of nutrients from the foods you eat

HealthForce Nutritionals Digestive Enhancement Enzymes may also help minimize any toxic and undigested food particles in your body. The enzymes in this supplement provides benefits throughout your entire digestive process, too.

Make the choice to keep yourself at optimal health and wellness. Give Digestive Enhancement Enzymes from HealthForce Nutritionals a try today to improve your digestion and take another step toward a happier, healthier you.

Supplement Facts
2 VeganCaps contain:
Proteases 25,250 HUT
Acid Specific Protease - 220 SAP
Amylase - 5,500 DU
Lipase - 1,650 FIP
Cellulase - 1,000 CU
Lactase (non-dairy) - 400 LAC
Papain 13,200 PU
Bromelain 11,000 PU
Alpha Galactosidase 90 GaIU
Other Ingredients: VeganCaps (non-GMO cellulose).

Recommended Use:
Adults: 2 capsules (or more) per meal or snack, depending on content of meal. Ideally, take with the first bites of a meal/snack. Animal flesh/dairy/eggs and unsoaked nuts/seeds require 5. Tofu, grains, potatoes require 2-3. Cooked veggies require 1-2. The more cooked food (or unsoaked nuts/seeds) you eat, the more Digestion Enhancement Enzymes you need to take to replace the enzymes lost in cooking.

Intensive usage may promote healthy circulation and free flowing blood.* If you are taking blood thinning medications, consult your doctor as you may need to adjust your intake. Keep out of the reach of children.

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