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Digest Pregnancy
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Digestive Support for Pregnancy

When you're pregnant, your body goes through an amazing amount of changes. One the first not-so-amazing changes you may notice is changes in your digestion. Family and friends may say you're glowing, but you often feel like you're just turning green. Help dial down those feelings with specially formulated Digest Pregnancy from Enzymedica.

Digest Pregnancy is a pure and gentle digestive support supplement with a combination of vegetarian enzymes and organic ginger root designed specifically to address the unique needs of pregnant women.

Key Features

  • Provides beneficial enzymes and organic ginger
  • Helps control nausea associated with pregnancy
  • Vegan and Kosher
  • Non-GMO
  • Small, easy-to-swallow capsules
  • Made in the USA

With a comprehensive blend of enzymes, Digest Pregnancy provides much needed support during the pivotal prenatal stage, helping to control occasional digestive discomfort and nausea while also support nutrient absorption for healthy development.

Key Enzymes

  • Protease - Helps the body break down proteins
  • Amylase and Lipase - Aid in the digestion of carbohydrates and fats
  • Cellulase, Glucoamylase, Lactase, Maltase, Xylanase, Invertase and Pectinase - Work synergistically for broad-spectrum support of optimal digestion
  • Phytase - Supports the adbsorption of calcium and magnesium, which are essential for the healthy development of a fetus
  • Ginger - Though not an enzyme, it provides beneficial support for reducing nausea

For ultimate efficacy, Digest Pregnancy contains Thera-blend enzymes. These are combined strains of multiple enzymes that work in various pH levels for more potent support. In fact, Thera-blend enzymes may be up to three times stronger and work up to six times faster than other digestive supplements.

Get rid of the green and get the glow with the digestive support you need at this unique stage of life. Order Digest Pregnancy.

Supplement Facts
1 capsule contains:
Amylase Thera-blend 7,000 DU
Phytase 190 FTU
Certified Organic Ginger (10:1) 50mg
---(Zingiber officinale Roscoe) (root)
Protease Thera-blend 15,000 HUT
Glucoamylase 10 AGU
Alpha Galactosidase 100 GaIU
Lipase Thera-blend 1,000 FCCFIP
Lactase 300 ALU
Cellulase Thera-blend 250 CU
Maltase 75 DP
Xylanase 100 XU
Invertase 100 SU
Pectinase 20 Endo-PGU
Other Ingredients: 100% Vegetarian Capsule (cellulose, water).
Contains NO: egg, dairy, preservatives, salt, sucrose, soy, wheat, yeast, nuts, corn, gluten, casein, potato, rice, artificial colors or flavors. Non-GMO, Vegan & Kosher.

Recommended Use:
Adults: 1 capsule with each meal. More may be taken as needed.

Keep out of the reach of children.

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