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Flavorful Detox Tea for Daily Cleansing

Some detox teas are less than palatable. They may contain potent blends of cleansing herbs, but if they don't taste good you might have a hard time drinking them to get their benefits.

Detox Tea from Pukka Herbs is a deliciously flavored, caffeine-free herbal tea -including naturally sweet fennel, licorice and anise- that helps gently support your body's natural detoxification and cleansing processes and may be drunk on a daily basis.

About Pukka Detox Tea:

This organic tea combines the following sweet, soothing, calming and cleansing herbs to help encourage normal detoxification:

  • Celery seed - long valued in the Ayurvedic (Indian) tradition for its ability to support fluid balance
  • Anise seed - this sweet spice may support normal digestion, reduce gas and promote calm
  • Fennel seed - this seed may also aid digestion, reduce gas and soothe the digestive tract and nerves
  • Licorice root - this naturally sweet demulcent herb may help soothe the nerves and digestive tract while nourishing the adrenals
  • Cardamom seed - this fragrant spice may help reduce gas and indigestion, soothe the stomach and calm the nerves
  • Coriander seeds - the aromatic seed of the cilantro plant, coriander may promote a healthy inflammatory balance and aid detoxification


  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Kosher
  • Naturally caffeine-free
  • Ethically sourced

Suggested Use for Pukka Detox Tea:

This 100% organic, pleasantly sweet and aromatic herbal tea can be drunk morning or night to soothe your mood and your digestive system. Order yours Now!

Servings (1 sachet) per container: 20
1 sachet contains:
Aniseed (40%)
Fennel seed (20%)
Cardamom seed (15%)
Licorice root
Coriander seed
Celery seed

Infuse the tea bag for at least 5 minutes in freshly boiled water.

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