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Designs for Health, prefers the sale of their supplements through a qualified healthcare practitioner. Please call our office, 800-673-1245, for a complimentary consultation with Angela Halderson, RD, CHC, and Functional Integrative Nutrition Practitioner to order Designs for Health products.

Get the full benefit of Designs for Health products when you are guided by Angela, who is trained in the use and benefits of these supplements!

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    More About Designs for Health

    Designs for Health began as a nutrition counseling and education service in 1989, looking at nutrition as key to good health. Eventually, the company began to develop its own professional-only line of nutritional supplements.

    Designs for Health's motto is "Science First." It's a guiding philosophy that reflects a commitment to delivering trustworthy results. They've also become known as "The Paleo Company" because of their firm belief in the benefits of the Paleolithic diet.

    Some of the most popular products from Designs for Health support the Paleo lifestyle, such as PaleoMeal protein powder in a variety of flavors and PaleoCleanse, the paleo way to detox.

    You'll also find professional multi-vitamins, digestive enzymes, detox support and more - all from a brand you can rely on for quality. Designs for Health is dedicated to intense, research-driven products and creating formulas that work together - promoting a synergy that makes you a healthier person.

    Natural Healthy Concepts is proud to offer the professional products developed by Designs for Health.

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