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Crayhon Research has been developing supplements to support brain and body health since 2003. From nutritive powders to health supportive DHA supplements, Crayhon Research delivers high-quality, research-based supplements to support your health.

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    Crayhon Research
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    Support Brain and Body Health with Crayhon Research

    Crayhon Research develops innovative nutritional supplements designed to support cognitive and body health. Founded in 2003 in Reno, Nevada, by Robert Crayhon, Crayhon Research offers products to consumers and healthcare practitioners in the U.S. and around the world. Their mission is to provide high-quality supplements supported by clinical research.

    Crayhon Research develops and manufactures a number of products, including nutirive powders, antioxidant supplements, and products to support brain health. One of their popular products is their Brain Vibrance Powder, which works to promote brain health after damage, and includes nutrients like vitamin C (from ascorbyl palmitate), magnesium (as citrate), acetyl-l-carnitine, glycerophosphocholine, and phosphatidylserine. Other popular products include their Carnitine/Biotin powder, My AminoPlex Powder, and their PhosSerine DHA supplement.

    Here at Natural Healthy Concepts, we are proud to carry a selection of Crayhon Research products to support optimal health. Shop these products today and see if Crayhon Research supplements make a difference to your health!

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