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Cherry Fruit Extract
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Cherry Fruit Extract by Enzymatic Therapy is a natural joint support supplement that is rich in flavonoids, which are natural, potent antioxidants that support joint health.* Flavonoids have also been shown to support the health of collagen which makes up part of the skin, bones and connective tissue.*
  • Naturally supports joints, alkaline balance and antioxidant activity*
  • Supports pH balance by maintaining healthy uric acid levels already within normal range*
  • Provides natural antioxidant support*
  • More convenient than juice, and much less sugar.
  • ETI is a FDA-registered Drug Establishment
Enzymatic Therapy Cherry Fruit Extract has one of the highest concentrations available - a 10:1 extract. Each capsule contains 500mg of this joint-supporting ingredient.*

Antioxidant Support :
Cherries are a rich source of flavonoids, natural compounds that are most widely recognized for their potent antioxidant activity.* In fact, anthocyanins flavonoids isolated from cherries have been shown to possess antioxidant capabilities superior to vitamin E.* This powerful free radical scavenging capacity has broad ranging health implications for supporting the immune, cardiovascular, and musculoskeletal systems.*(1,2)

Joint Support :
By disarming free radicals, which can damage healthy cells, flavonoids support contributing to the integrity of capillaries, collagen structures, eyes, joints, and arteries.* Research has shown that anthyocyanins and cyanidin flavonoids present in cherry fruit can positively impact joint health.*(3,4)

Additionally, a recent study found that consumption of sweet cherries promotes optimal pH balance by maintaining healthy uric acid levels, revealing yet another way in which cherries contribute to joint health.*(3 )

Supplement Facts:
2 capsules contain:
Total Carbohydrate <1g
Sweet Cherry Fruit Extract 1g
Other Ingredients: gelatin, magnesium stearate.
Contains NO: gluten, sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, soy, dairy products, artificial coloring, artificial flavoring or preservatives.

Recommended Use:
Adults: Two capsules three times daily.

If pregnant, nursing, or taking prescription drugs, consult your healthcare practitioner prior to use. Keep out of the reach of children.

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