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Chelated Zinc
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Albion Chelated Zinc from Bluebonnet is a natural dietary supplement to support the immune system and the health of men.

Found in cells throughout the body, zinc helps the immune system fight off bacteria and viruses. The body also needs zinc to support the healing process and make proteins and DNA, the genetic material in all cells. During pregnancy, infancy, and childhood, the body needs zinc to grow and develop properly.

While we only need a small amount of zinc in our diet, it is important that we get it. And the average diet in the developed world may provide insufficient zinc, especially in women, adolescents, infants, and the elderly.

Others who may need additional zinc include

  • People who have had gastrointestinal surgery
  • People with digestive disorders, such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease
  • Vegetarians
  • People with sickle cell disease

Zinc deficiency can result in slow growth in infants and children, delayed sexual development in adolescents and impotence in men.

It also causes

  • Hair loss
  • Diarrhea
  • Eye and skin sores
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Decreased ability to taste food
  • Lower levels of alertness

Albion Chelated Zinc 30 mg Vcaps uses amino acids to transport reacted zinc bisglycinate to where it is needed in a form that ensures maximum assimilation and absorption.

Supplement Facts
1 capsule contains:
Zinc 30mg (200%)
---(as zinc bisglycinate chelate)
Other Ingredients: Kosher vegetable capsules, vegetable cellulose, vegetable magnesium stearate.
Contains NO: GMOs, milk, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soybeans. Also free of corn, yeast, gluten, barley, and sugar. Vegan and Kosher.

Recommended Use:
Adults: As a dietary supplement, take one capsule daily or as recommended by a healthcare professional.

If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your healthcare professional before using this product. Keep out of the reach of children.

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