Celsus Bio-Intelligence

Celsus Bio-Intelligence

CELSUS Bio-Intelligence combines the latest in scientific innovation with the best that nature has to offer in its innovative skin care products. The brand is best known for products that naturally support scar management with botanical ingredients and oils.

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    Celsus Bio-Intelligence Scar Cream, 0.7 Oz
    Celsus Bio-Intelligence

    Intelligent, Sustainable Skin Care

    CELSUS Bio-Intelligence was co-founded by friends Pieter Oosthuizen and Joshua Onysko (who also founded Pangea Organics) to fulfill their vision for a line of organic skin care remedies. They formed a sustainable venture to continue their deep commitment to benefiting the health of others and the environment.

    By utilizing pure botanicals and essential oils from southern Africa, the company promotes organically-grown and sustainably harvested ingredients. It also uses sustainably produced packaging.

    Their key product, Scar Cream, supports skin health and appearance with a blend of 22 active and natural ingredients, including peptides, phytonutrients, essential vitamins, antioxidants, and certified organic botanicals.

    If you need skin care support for scars, try the natural Scare Cream or similar products from CELSUS Bio-Intelligence. It may make a difference to the health for your skin. Order here today!

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